Collaboration with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. LITTLE STEEL and LITTLE CHROMA "TONIGHT" are etched with a handwritten chorus from Dave Stewart's song. The ultimate backstage pass, the vibrators come with a leather cord threaded through the cap so they can be worn around the neck and taken out on the town. Also on the strap is a custom guitar pick just in case a serenade or solo is in order. Designed with Jimmyjane Creative Development team.

Little Chroma "Tonight" and Little Steel "Tonight" vibrators with replaceable Jimmyjane motors.
LITTLE STEEL TONIGHT is made from satin-finished steel, and is encircled with a stunning eternity band of 28 round-cut black diamonds.The diamonds also provide grip for twisting off the cap.
Little Steel "Tonight" Packaging.
Little Chroma "Tonight" Packaging
Ethan Imboden of Jimmyjane with Dave Stewart (Rock Fabulous, Eurythmics).
Packaging design development.
Packaging specs.
Etching specs.
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