AIRWARE // Electronic Wind Propulsion

Airware is a personal project exploring the possibilities of using an asymmetric capacitor for high volume airflow; no moving parts. Airflow is achieved using ion thrust or electrohydrodynamics (EHD), high voltage, low amperage particles jump the gap between the electrodes pulling the air particles creating thrust and ozone. Recent research suggests electrohydrodynamic propulsion is more energy efficient than any other means of propulsion, generating up to 100N of thrust per kilowatt of power. Airware is designed around its heart, the hexagonal set of gold plated electrodes. The body of the fan itself is clear to highlight the motionless aspect of the fan’s silent function. The clear airflow chamber guides the air and houses tree blossoms or flowers. An LED down light illuminates the blossoms in a darkened room. The thruster disperses the fragrance throughout the room providing an invigorating, freshness to any indoor room. The electronically controlled airflow can create dynamic air movement for a more natural feel; like bring the outdoors inside. The breeze gently moves the blossoms like wind through the trees. The faint purple-blue corona adds to the mystery of its function. The ionized air provides a healthy filtration effect, reducing pollen and dust particles in the air, a healthful benefit for allergy sufferers. Airware is the most simplified form of the fan. Relax. Invigorate. Enjoy.

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