Adelanté is an ultralight human-hydrogen powered vehicle that synthesizes the best attributes of bicycles and automobiles to create a more efficient high-tech concept for urban transport. It utilizes multiple sources of energy: human (pedaling), hydrogen, solar, and recaptured (from gravity). The use of open source energy vastly reduces the use of finite fuel sources. Adelanté is designed to reduce impact on the environment relating to: pollution, energy consumption, mass decomposition – required mass of materials to produce functional design, noise pollution and overall size – a significantly smaller footprint enabling more vehicles per capita and less gridlock. Its three-wheel design, 2 front, one rear (tri-cumbent “tadpole”) has tilt-steering and is stable at speed and cornering while reducing weight and material. Adelanté was a CCA class project and won 4th place at the International Bicycle Design Competition in Taipei in 2005.

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